The Last Day

As last days go, I guess this one hasn’t been so bad. At least the sun shone and the weather was dry. I can’t deny it would have been nice had a stranger or two slapped my back or shaken my hand as I made my way to work this morning. Sadly, due to some kind of administrative oversight, the rest of the world was apparently not informed that this was my last full day of youthfulness before my birthday.


You see, when I go to sleep tonight, I will close my eyes forever on my forties. It’s an extraordinary thought and one I still can’t quite get my mind to fully accept. I know it’s a milestone that many of my fellow bloggers have passed already, but I’ve never turned fifty before and I’m not entirely sure of the procedure.


Presumably, at some point during the evening, my gravitas will be delivered to the door in an Amazon box and then be surgically attached while I sleep. I must confess, I’m looking forward to waking up tomorrow and at last being a real adult rather than a sixteen-year-old with many years’ experience of faking it.


Of course, on the negative side, the spring in my step will likely be removed at the same time, and my settings for hearing sensitivity and bladder capacity will be dropped to half levels. I’m also a little unclear as to whether I’ll be allowed to get out of bed as normal tomorrow morning, or if the expected etiquette is for me to cough and splutter a bit first.


I’m tired now, and so I think may have to turn in early tonight. Unfortunately, this means I’m going to have to abandon my plans to stay up late with the photographs of my childhood. Originally, I’d planned to lay out the color ones on the desk in front of me and watch them all change to black and white on the twelfth stroke of midnight.



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