A Post for the Birds

Many people know them as parakeets, but in their native Australia, they are called budgerigars (or just budgies), and now I have one. To be more accurate, my wife and sons have one. They simply turned up with it in a cage the other day and dared me to do something about it. I was shocked, of course, and as I peered in at the little fellow on his perch, the thought crossed my mind that I should at least try to negotiate him down to a goldfish. But then I remembered the water would run out through the bars, so I gave up.


My sons spent much of that evening trying to decide on a name for him. The process would have been far quicker had they been willing to listen to any of my first-rate suggestions, such as Igor, Splotch or Beakula. They didn’t even like Budd G. Reegar—one I thought gave him a little class. In the end, they decided on Pochama, which is apparently the name of a Pokémon character. This is a bit of a mouthful for me to remember, however, so I’ve taken to just calling him Po. I’m hoping he doesn’t notice that in his native Australia, the word means “chamber pot.”


Regular readers may be a little surprised about the sudden arrival of our little feathered friend given that I’ve sometimes said on the blog that we’re not allowed to keep pets. In fact, this is only broadly true. The actual situation is that we are allowed to keep pets—just not anything interesting, like a cat, a dog or an aardvark. Small, boring pets, are completely acceptable as long as they don’t make too much noise. Fortunately, when my wife and children got Po’s cage and equipment, they showed tremendous foresight in not buying him an electric guitar or a drum set.


However, I’m still not entirely convinced we need a bird, especially with a family budget as tight as ours. I’ve been trying to remain philosophical about it, though. I tell myself that either he’ll eat only a little, in which case, we won’t have to spend much on millet, or he’ll eat a lot, in which case we won’t have to buy a Christmas turkey this year.


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